It’s OK to Not Know what to do next.

You do not have to decide Right Now what you want to do with your whole life.

If I’m Not Going to College

What Else is there?

Are you almost out of high school? Have you been out for a while and still not figured out what you want to do with your life? You’re not sure what’s next, and you know you’re in for some changes- a temporary job, different school, even taking a year or two off from college or career to explore. Whatever you’re thinking about doing, each choice means a choice Not to do something else. So, it’s a good idea to get a big picture of the options you have before making any decisions.

What’s Exciting to You?

What inspires you to get involved?

What are you doing when you lose track of time?

When you’re talking with the most excitement, what are you talking about?

Be With People who support your personal choices. Who provide constructive criticism. NOT negative people who disrespect your choices.

Stay Healthy. Eat right. Get enough sleep. Bad habits can make you less alert, cloud your ability to engage fully in your life.

Explore Your Options. The best choices may come to you in stages. Trust that it will all make sense eventually. Live for a while with the questions and daydream about the future. It’s OK!

Eiffel Tower & Traveler
The best thing is to take a year off (a “gap year”) to work, travel, do something offbeat, make some money for college, or just breathe deeply before launching into the next thing. If you’re college or trade school bound, studies show a gap year experience looks good on the resume and results in better GPA’s and more likelihood of graduating. Learn more at

Paid Apprenticeships – on the Job Training in:
Able Seaman     Dental Assistance
Electrician          Elevator constructor
Fire Medic          Pipefitter
           and  many more


Paid and unpaid positions for High School and College students and young non students. Work in a foreign embassy. Learn about U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy as you represent America around the world.


These federal government programs engage more than 75,000 young Americans in intensive service each year at non-profits, schools, public agencies, community and faith based groups across the country.


Free education and training program for 16 years and older that qualify based on family income. Be part of a team making America a better place to live.

Oahu Job Corps Center
  259 6070
Maui Job Corps Center    579 9498


A community-based organization whose mission is “to kokua Native Hawaiians who are committed to achieving their potential for themselves, their families and communities”.

Job search placement assistance
Career planning
On-the-job training
GED attainment and literacy training

Alu Like also provides Hana Lima Scholarships for vocational degree or certification programs.
808 535 6700

Kupu means “to sprout, grow, germinate or increase”.

Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps. Internship programs to encourage cultural awareness.

RISE Paid educational internships. For college students and graduates.

E2U Environmental education program to start after school eco/green clubs, go on field trips, sponsor guest speakers in your school. Focus on environment/sustainability.

The CommunityU Program On Oahu. Equips under-resourced people ages 16-24 with training and support in teamwork and life skills. Work in the lo`i mud, restore fishponds, plant native species or carve papa ku`i`ai.